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Here Comes The Sun

2011 June 8

By now most people have heard of the current solar flare activity that is occurring. The “experts” are telling us that we are in for mild to moderate communications interruptions on the planet for a twelve to twenty-four hour period for Wednesday, June 8, and Thursday, June 9, 2011.

I had heard, or read on-line to be more exact, there was solar activity occurring but was not overly concerned or interested. That was until Monday, June 6.

My interest was peaked when I started hearing my Guides, and the BE-ings of etheric realms I work with begin to tell me of the need to make a concerted and conscious effort to communicate with the consciousness that is our Sun; the RA of our solar system.

One BE-ing whom I communicate with, Mertauk of Arcturus, has shared with me some particular information I now wish to share with you. Before I continue, I wish to state that this information will resonate with some, and will not with others. I am in no way trying to convince anyone of anything, and if this information does not flow through you with ease and a sense of calmness, then by all means…. let it go. If the energy of this information resonates with you in ease and with a sense of calm, then take it in and work with it in the manner you are drawn to, and by all means… listen to your own inner self, and Guides.

I now share with all who wish to continue to read this, the information given to me by the BE-ings of Love, Light and the Etheric Realms with whom I am connected and work with.


We are being asked to make a conscious effort to meditate, connect with and communicate with the consciousness that is the Spiritual BE-ing who exists at the center of our solar system, our Sun. The solar flares currently erupting are energetic waves being sent forth from the consciousness of RA, from the etheric city of Heliopolis, the city of Masters on the Sun behind the Sun. These waves of energy are encoded with large amounts of important information for, not only humanity, individually and collectively, but for all who exist within, and on, each and every planet in this system.

By connecting consciously with the energy of our Sun, not only will you, as the individual consciousness of the ONE you are, receive vital information for you in this time and the work of spiritual significance you are here to perform, but this act alone will assist in lessening the negative effects on the physical planes commonly associated with such solar activity; negative effects such as communication interruptions, brown outs of electrical grids, raised temperatures on the planet, destructive storms, uncontrolled outbursts of anger and emotional upheaval in humans, etc.

By making a conscious connection to our Sun/RA you will receive vital information for your individual spiritual work, and find it easier to connect to BE-ings of the etheric realms whom you can work together with in the cosmic realms.

Another bit of information I wish to share with you concerns the second of two Venus/Sun transits.

According to Wikipedia, Venus/Sun transits are among the most rare of predictable astronomical phenomena and currently occur in a pattern that repeats every 243 years, with pairs of transits eight years apart separated by long gaps of 121.5 years and 105.5 years. The periodicity is a reflection of the fact that the orbital periods of Earth and Venus are close to 8:13 and 243:395 resonances. Before 2004, the last pair of transits occurred in December of 1874 and December of 1882. The first of a pair of transits of Venus in the beginning of the 21st century took place on 8 June 2004 and the next will be on 6 June 2012. After 2012, subsequent transits of Venus will be in December 2117 and December 2125.

Venus/Sun transits are all about communication. During the last Venus/Sun transits there was a major jump in the way humans communicated with each other. The world of the telephone and the communication it afforded humans was set into motion in March of 1876, less than two years after the first of the last pair of Venus/Sun transits. I don’t think anyone would argue the fact the telephone changed the way humans communicate with each other irrevocably; and the age of computers and the communication highways we take for granted are forever, and without question, linked to the invention and implementation of telephone communications in our day to day lives.

The second of the current Venus/Sun transits will occur on June 6, 2012, exactly one year to the day of the current solar flare activity. Part of the information being imparted to us on this energetic wave is the importance of reawakening our natural telepathic abilities. You see…… the next big jump in human communications technology is mental telepathy!

We are being asked to consciously begin working on remembering and honing the natural telepathic communications abilities we long ago forgot, and now believe belong to only a chosen few, or worse yet, believe to be a talent for those existing in fairytales or wacked out belief systems. Truth is…… mental telepathy is as natural to humans as is breathing. We just need to remember and start using this sense, just as we do our sense of sight or touch.

I will share with you that the first time I saw someone using a Bluetooth device an interesting thought occurred to me. After asking my daughter what it was….lol, I immediately realized the implications for its use beyond simple hands free talking. I see it as a telepathic training device. Sound silly? Think about it this way. What does Bluetooth do? It allows you to talk/communicate with another being by simply listening to a voice that seems to be coming from inside your own head. I see it as a first step in re-teaching humans to listen and communicate telepathically.

Mertauk of Arcturus, and the other BE-ings of the cosmic and etheric realms I am connected to and communicate with, along with expanded aspects of Self, which are incorporated into my collective individual consciousness wish to share a few last word with you at this time.


Dearest Human BE-ing of Love,

Fast are moving the waves of time, vast are the libraries of knowledge being released and reintegrated into the realities of humanity and other BE-ings of many realms. Quickly the time of renewal into the full self converges on humanity and quickly the time of being reacquainted with BE-ings of Spirit from other realms, dimensions and frequencies draws upon humans. Know all is in Divine Order. All Is as it should be, and All is complete. You, indeed all humanity, All the Cosmos, is held in the safety and protection of Divine Unconditional Love. There is nothing to fear. There is nothing that can stop the inundation of Love into these realms of reality and existence.


Go in Peace and Love though your day.


Mertauk of Arcturus




© Essence Ka tha’ras 2011

Please feel free to share this with others, but please do give proper credit. I ask only that, if you share this with others, do so without charge, and please include a link back to The Purple Pathe @, &

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