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A Reminder to Honor the Energetic Self

2011 May 24

Greetings to All My Spiritual Family,

I come to share these words today as a reminder of just how important it is we not forget to take time to move into a quiet space and renew and re-energize our self periodically; but know I am not talking about just the physical planes and self. Although the physical aspect of renewal and regeneration is vitally important, it is as important, if not more so, to remember to renew our self energetically.

In the times we live in now as humans, having recently moved into the 9th Wave, and even more recently into the third day of the 9th Wave, it has become ever more a necessity for Lightworker’s to not allow their own energetic self to become low or overwhelmed. With the number of physical and emotional calamitous and tragic events happening seemingly daily, the amount of cleansing and removal of heavy and dense energies from our collective energy field we currently experience and constantly work at transmuting, it is vital we remember to cleanse, renew, re-energize and protect our own personal auric energy fields.

Remember, no matter how in tune you are with our personal, collective and cosmic evolution, no matter how long you have been working with energy, assisting in humanity’s healing and shifting paradigms, you too have just taken a big step into planes the Human Self has not ever existed in before in these, the many dimensions of Reality.

If you desire to be as effective as possible in holding the Higher Frequency Energies, you need to remember to honor Self. You need to allow for your own time of cleansing, adjustment, assimilation and renewal. Make time throughout your day as you send energy to Gaia and Humanity to release the energies automatically attempting to attach to you. Release the dense energies that follow you and attempt to stick to you as you walk among the fearful, spiritually sleeping and emotionally lost. Remember to release with Love the quagmire of emotional energies that follow your Light. These energies are following their own consciousness and the maps lain out by ego, desperately seeking a place to attach them selves, simply desirous of survival, attempting to feed off of your light. Remember, the attachment of these dense energies to you is not done in any malicious manner by others; it is just the natural magnetic attraction they see to a place where they can find the energy they need to maintain their own continued existence. The main thing to remember is that all of this is there and not to let it become an issue for you.

Lightworker…. This IS the work we have trained for. NOW is the time to remember ALL you have learned and simply Do the Work.



In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


© Essence Ka tha’ras 2011

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