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A Message to You from OUR Divine Self

2011 May 9


This message to You from OUR Divine Self, is a part of the Daily Card reading for Monday, May 9, 2011. I am reposting it here because I felt it shared a wonderful message for us all at this time in our work as a collective consciousness and wanted to make it more easily found by people who don’t necessarily come and see the Daily Card each day.

I now share…… A Message to You from OUR Divine Self


Children of the Light,

Do not cower before the seeming darkness. Do not allow yourself to be swallowed in the illusion all is lost and darkness reigns.

Nothing can halt the progress of the coming changes you have worked for eons to bring forth into existence. Not now, not ever has there been a time or place where hope did not rule when courageous ones such as yourselves stood up for the ways of Truth.

Many have lived and worked so diligently to assist in the birthing of what is now manifesting into matters form. So many lifetimes have each of you seen come and go just to be here in this Now, to participate in the culmination of this cycle.

Do not let yourself be lied to, do not cower, do not give in to the illusion of what seem like dark days. It is only the pangs of courageous change you see before your physical eyes.

The energies of the dark know separation is their greatest ally. If the Light can be dispersed, if the Children of the Light allow separation of themselves, if they give into the fear generated by the illusions darkness creates….. then, and only then can darkness proliferate and spread.

Now is the time to hold fast to the courage of your knowing. Now is the time to stand steadfast together. Now is the time to birth That Which Is To Be.

Stand up, stand tall, stand together and radiate the Light you hold within.




Please feel free to share this with others, but please do give proper credit. I ask only that, if you share this with others, do so without charge, and please include a link back to The Purple Pathe or




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